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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do cake tastings for wedding cakes?

Yes. Cake tastings are free and are by appointment only. Our cake tastings are freshly baked. We do not serve frozen pre-sliced cake for our tastings.

Can I hold the date?

Yes. A $50 save the date deposit will hold the date during your cake tasting or by phone. When you have decided on a cake design, cake flavor and fillings, we can meet again to go over all the details.

We are on a budget for our wedding cake, can you accommodate?

Yes! We can work with your budget. We will provide a wedding cake to fit within your needs.

When is the balance due?

The wedding cake balance is due two weeks prior to your date.

Who puts the fresh flowers on my cake?

At no charge, we prefer to put the fresh flowers on the cake. The fresh flowers would be provided by your florist.

How will I know how much cake I need?

During your consultation, the cake sizes will be provided. We are generous in our cake sizes. We don’t want you to run short on cake for your guests.

What about my cake topper? Do you need it before the wedding?

If you have a cake topper, please let us know. We like to see the topper before the wedding to check it for weight or uneven weight. If it is heavy, we need to add support for it.

What if I have more people coming to my wedding than expected and did not order enough cake?

Please give us a call is your count has changed. We can adjust the cake sizes or add a kitchen sheet cake for more servings. All changes need to be submitted at least one month before the wedding. No changes can be made less than one month before the wedding.

When do you deliver my wedding cake?

Wedding cakes are delivered 2 to 2-1/2 hrs before your guests arrive. We are never late.