All our cookies are made from scratch, hand mixed, and made fresh to order right here in Michigan. We make a variety of cookies, and if you don't see the cookie you want listed, let us know... we would be happy to make it for you.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake ~ $35/ea

12" double layer cookie cake with vanilla crème layered between the cookie. Side of cookie cake is frosted with chocolate.

Sugar Cookies ~ $8.00/dz

A sweet and tender 1/8 thick cookie that has wonderfully crisp edges. They are an American favorite and although they were once made primarily during the Christmas season, they are now a year round favorite. They frosted with a sweet frosting or can be glazed.

Auntie Mary's ~ $8.00/dz

A powdery bar with chocolate in the middle

Linzer Cookies ~ $8.00/dz

A light sandwich cookie with a fresh raspberry fruit filling. Center cut can be various designs (upon request).

Tuxedo Strawberries & Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~ $14.00/dz


Nut Crescents ~ $8.00/dz

A buttery, melt in your mouth cookie. Each end of the crescent is dipped in chocolate

Lemon Hearts ~ $10.00/dz or $2.00/each if bagged and tied

Light and delicious heart cookie with a lemon glaze. This is also a great cookie for a wedding favor.

Monogram Hearts ~ $2.00/each if bagged and tied

A cut out sugar cookie and glazed with a thin icing. Perfect for table favors.

Rogelach ~ $8.00/dz

Cookie dough is rolled around a sweet filling of cinnamon sugar and nuts, or preserves.

Christmas Cookie

Jam Crescents

Miniature turnovers with raspberry inside of a flaky cream cheese pastry

Cheesecake Dreams ~ $8.00/dz

A miniature cheesecake with a walnut crunch topping

Pecan Delights ~ $8.00/dz

Like teenie pecan pies. Just as good but not as rich.

Buckeye Candy ~ $8.00/dz

A rolled peanut butter ball; half of it dipped in chocolate (Men love this candy!)

Fresh Apple Pie ~ $15.00

Pie curst made from scratch and use freshly peeled apples. Keep one on hand and place an unbaked pie in your freezer!

Christmas Cookie

Vanilla Pizzelles ~ $8.00/dz

Pizzelle's come from Italy. They are also known as Italian wafer cookies. Order in Lemon, chocolate, nut, maple, or drizzled with chocolate.

French Bow Ties

Fried Bow Ties ~ $8.00/dz

A deep fried Norwegian cookie, sprinkled with powdered sugar

Candy Cane's ~ $8.00/dz

A candy cane shaped cookie with a hint of peppermint

Fresh Baked Scones ~ $12.00/dz

Ready to eat scones. Fresh baked scones are best if eaten within 48 hours, and can be frozen if not eaten by then to preserve their freshness.

Coconut Pineapple Crescents ~ $8.00/dz

These crescents are made with toasted coconut, pineapple and dusted with powdered sugar.

Christmas Cookie

Spice Windmills ~ $8.00/dz

A windmill shaped cookies filled with sunflower kernel filling