2016 Christmas Cookies

Our Christmas cookies are made from scratch, hand mixed, and made to order with fresh ingredients (including real butter) right here in Saline, Michigan. These holiday cookies won’t last long so make sure you order your Christmas cookies today!


$8 per dozen

or get them in packages:

  • 4 dozen assorted – $30.00
  • 5 dozen assorted – $35.00
  • 6 dozen assorted – $40.00

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Vanilla Pizzelles

(traditional Italian waffle cookies)

Rogelach with a honey cinnamon sugar walnut center

(crescent shape rolled with a filling)

Buckeye Candy

(peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate)

Candy Cane Cookies

(peppermint flavored red and white cookie)

Peppermint Drops dipped in white chocolate

(peppermint candy in cookies)

Peanut Blossoms

(chocolate kiss in center, rolled in colored sugar)

Butter cookies

(with colorful Christmas sprinkles)

Pecan Delights

(small pecan pies)

Pineapple Coconut Crescents

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

(chocolate cookies dipped in powdered sugar)

Auntie Mary’s

(bar cookie with chocolate filling, dipped in powdered sugar)

Jam Crescents

(folded cookie with raspberry filling)


(deep fried cookie dusted with powdered sugar)